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Meet our Residents


Sarah Colvin, M.D.

Sarah Colvin, M.D., PGY4

After spending time at St Vincent as an I.U. medical student, Sarah felt that the “large knowledge base” of the residents provided her with the confidence that she would “receive great training”. As an intern, Sarah credits the staff, residents and nurses in helping her to transition from medical school to residency, and feels “excited to be a part of such a great team and know St Vincent will provide wonderful opportunities to learn and grow as a physician”. Sarah enjoys following the her hometown Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as running and swimming.

Kim Harris, M.D.

Kim Harris, M.D., PGY4

New Orleans, LA is where Kim hails from, which explains her love of Saints football. Kim enjoys being very active while shopping, event planning, baking and cooking “down-home” southern classics/favorites. During a gyn/onc from I.U., Kim noticed how “confident, knowledgeable and well-trained the residents were and the unique close-knit relationship amongst residents, faculty and staff”. This residency program “offered an excellent educational environment that is/was warm and friendly… after that, I knew St Vincent was where I wanted to be”. Kim and Luis Nunez are most excited about the birth of their son, Luis.

Rachel Jones, M.D.

Rachel Leland, M.D., PGY4

A native of Lexington, KY, Rachel enjoys running, biking and yoga. Rachel rotated at St Vincent and “noticed how well-trained the residents were and the general positive attitude of the residents and attendings. I knew that this was a place I could learn by being challenged and be supported in my training.”  Rachel is a graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine and recently wed Brian Leland, MD, Pediatrics resident at I.U.

Bryrony Schaab, M.D.

Bryrony Schaab, M.D., PGY4

Bryrony completed her undergrad at Washington Univ in St Louis and then went to I.U. for medical school. Bryrony states that during several rotations throughout St Vincent, she “always felt welcomed and was given the opportunity to learn and advance my skills as a clinician and individual. I never felt put on the spot and always felt as if I was an integral part of the team. I still feel that way 2 mths into my intern year!”. Bryrony enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with husband Andy, daughter Amelia and dog Izzy.

Erica Sprague, M.D.

Erica Sprague, M.D., PGY4

University of Toledo is where Erica completed her medical school training. Erica notes the “camaraderie between the residents, attending physicians, nurses and support staff creates the ideal educational environment. For me, the learning process is so much more effective when I feel supported each step of the way! I am confident that upon completing my residency, I will be prepared to enter any practice as a compassionate and competent physician.” Erica enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with Major, their 180# Great Dane “puppy”.

Spencer Kuper, M.D., PGY3

South Carolina was home to Spencer as he completed his undergrad at Clemson and MD at USC.  Spencer enjoys hiking, camping, following NCAA/NFL football, as he and his wife Sara await the arrival of their first child! Spencer lists his top 3 reasons for coming to St Vincent: “the surgical training is outstanding; the teamwork atmosphere among residents and lastly, I was impressed by the excitement for teaching among the staff and private ObGyns”.

Maram Said, D.O., PGY3

Although born in Israel, Maram calls Racine WI her hometown.  Maram completed her undergrad at the Univ of WI and her MD from Des Moines University Osteopathic.  “From the very first encounter I had with Robin via phone and then talking to the Program Director, I felt a sense of sincerity.  During my rotation as a student from Des Moines, I learned and got to do far more than I expected, but more importantly, I got to work with wonderful residents that functioned as a cohesive team.  The emphasis on camaraderie here truly sets this program apart from the rest; the quality of teaching and the pathology here were second to none.  The residents are competent, but also have balanced lives and interests outside of work.  The support I’ve rec’d from upper level residents, teaching staff, Robin and the Program Director has continue as I’ve transitioned into residency.” Maram speaks four languages and enjoys traveling overseas, cooking and spending time with her sons Adam and Zak.

Gretchen Stiefel, D.O., PGY3

Gretchen, a native of Missouri, enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with husband Justin and their dog Griffin.  “I knew this was a program where I would both receive excellent training and be happy as a resident. It is nice to work in an environment where there is mutual respect and camaraderie amongst the residents and staff.” The Univ of MO is where Gretchen completed her undergrad and Kansas City Univ is where she received her D.O.”

Megan Thomas, M.D., PGY3

Cincinnati is home to Megan, but it was at Chapman Univ in Orange CA where she completed her undergrad and Marshall Univ in WV for her M.D.  Megan enjoys home improvement, spending time with her husband Jeremy and daughters Sophia & Adalyn.  “I wanted to be at a place that really had an emphasis on teaching.  So far I could not be happier with my decision.  I am at a place where I feel welcomed, everyone has an open-door policy and I am never worried about approaching an attending with a question.  St Vincent has an amazing group of residents; supportive and best of all, they all get along!”

Jennifer Tinder, M.D., PGY3

Although originally from Indpls and a graduate of I.U., Jenny received her MD from St George’s University. Jenny lists working out, swing dancing, eating and hanging out with her husband Mike as favorite ways to relax. “The program’s commitment to pt care, service and partnership matched the vision that attracted me to medicine. My time at St Vincent is spent growing as a doctor, a healthcare leader and person. In addition, the food in the cafeteria is fantastic!" Jenny and her husband Mike are currently awaiting the arrival of their first child.

Dina Bastawros, M.D., PGY2

Evansville, IN, is home to this intern who completed her undergrad and medical school at Indiana University. Dina notes the “well-balanced mixture of academic and community medicine” and “faculty and residents are all very hard-working and cohesive” as two reasons she chose St Vincent. 

Emmary Butler, M.D., PGY2

Although Ft Wayne, Indiana is home to Emmary, she completed her undergrad at Xavier University in New Orleans, and then her MD from IU.  Emmary attributes the “gut feeling” of knowing when a program is right for you and the fact that St Vincent “stands by its Core Values of serving the community” as the top reasons she came to St Vincent.  In her spare time, this youngest of 7 children enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

Temeka Kincy, M.D., PGY2

“There is a sense of teamwork and friendliness that is noticeable the moment you walk through the doors. I was also impressed by the training and technical skills I saw in the residents.” Temeka has Louisiana roots and received her undergrad from University of TX, but received her MD from IU and calls Indy “home”. In her spare time, Temeka enjoys running, pilates and spending time with her husband Matt.

Lauren Messinger, M.D., PGY2

Lauren was born in Chattanooga, TN, received her BS from Furman University in SC and MD from VA Commonwealth.  Lauren was searching for “a program with emphasis on camaraderie and collaboration, as well as education and surgical training, and I found all that at St Vincent”.  Lauren and her husband Wyatt enjoy hanging with their basset puppy Lucy, as well as various sports.

Marina Miller, M.D., PGY2

After completing third and fourth year Indiana Univ rotations at St Vincent, Marina was impressed with “the respectful and constructive learning environment.  Now that I’m a resident here, I have realized that it’s even better than I had imagined.  Everyone goes above and beyond to make themselves available for any of our needs.”  Marina was born in Campinas, Brazil, but grew up in Indiana and adds that Indianapolis “has all the perks of a big city w/o the big city hassle (TRAFFIC!)”.  Marina and her husband John enjoy spending time with their dog, Bubby.

Brittany Bither, M.D., PGY1

An appreciation for “the overall values that come with working at a religiously affiliated institution” and the residents being “some of the best surgeons in the Ob/Gyn field that I encountered” were two of the reasons that Brittany was excited to match at St Vincent. Brittany is a graduate of Indiana University; she enjoys cycling, reading, playing piano and relaxing with her husband Brian.

Michael Gentry, M.D., PGY1

A native Hoosier, Michael received his BA from DePauw and attended IU for medical school. “I chose St Vincent because it was the place I felt most comfortable. I felt I would get along with the people I was working with and was confident that I would not only get the volume of training, but the quality that would prepare me to be the best physician I could be.” Michael and his wife Megan are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first child.

Coryn Love-Davis, M.D., PGY1

The University of Michigan is where Coryn received her BA and her MD from IU. Coryn enjoys spending time with her husband, Reuben, their dog Chewy, ministering with young adults through church and playing Tetris. “St Vincent is a blessed hospital. The doctors, nurses and other staff work hard to create an environment that facilitates healing and great patient care. The residents are amazing and they’re truly a family that happens to work together!”

Megan Stoller, M.D., PGY1

Although Megan was born in Indiana, the University of Louisville is where Megan received her MD. “On my interview day, I could truly sense the closeness of the residents and faculty; I have immediately felt at-home and know that I can reach out to anyone with questions.” Megan is a newlywed who enjoys running and spending time with friends and her husband Phil.

Brittany Ward, M.D., PGY1

“I knew it was a strong, well-rounded program and I would be well trained, but I felt as if I could find that other places. The culture of St Vincent and the camaraderie of the residents really set this program apart for me.” Brittany graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine. Outside of the hospital, Brittany enjoys spending time with her husband Matt and dogs Max & Zoey